Facelift – Orange County Rhytidectomy Procedure

FaceliftAre you looking for a way to eliminate the sagging and drooping skin on your face? Sagging in the middle area of the face appears as deep lines around the nose and cheeks. Jowls occur when the cheeks droop and cause a break in the jawline. If these developments concern you, a facelift may be ideal.

The face lift may also be combined with other procedures like an eye or brow lift to create a more complete rejuvenation. Consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon like Dr. K , expert in Cosmetic and plastic surgery, to determine what procedures will help you achieve the best results. A face lift is offered in a variety of techniques. Incisions can be made just under the ears, up towards the hairline, or behind the ears to include a neck lift. Additional dermal injections or fat transfer may be used to create volume and fill wrinkles.

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Tummy Tuck – O.C. Body Contouring Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck Orange CountyTummy Tuck by Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Kalantarian.

The tummy tuck is one of the most well-known plastic surgery procedures, and its benefits are pretty clear. If you are the type of person who struggles to shave off those extra inches from the belly despite a good diet and exercise, a tummy tuck is an excellent solution. The procedure shouldn’t be seen as an alternative to weight loss but rather as a means of achieving your ideal figure.

Dr. Kalantarian is Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Tummy Tuck – Well Known Plastic Surgery Procedure

Tummy tuck orange county

Tummy Tuck procedure by Dr. Kalantarian

Discuss your goals with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. K in Orange County so you can determine how to best achieve the look of your dreams. A tummy tuck, or an abdominoplasty, can also remove sagging skin from the stomach leftover from pregnancy or dramatic weight loss. The process involves incisions along the lower stomach to remove excess skin. Sutures may also be used to tighten the stomach muscles.

Need a Tummy Tuck in Orange County

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Liposuction – O.C. Body Contouring, Fat Removal

LiposuctionLiposuction is a popular and highly effective procedure for body contouring and fat removal. The procedure is versatile, as it can treat many different parts of the body such as the stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks, cheeks, neck, back, arms and even the cheeks. There are various techniques that are available, each with their own set of pros and cons.

Speak with Dr. K at his office in the O.C. to determine how liposuction can help you. Generally, liposuction involves the use of a suction tube called a cannula that is inserted through a small incision. The cannula is connected to a suction device and may be assisted with a laser, heat, water or ultrasound system to remove fat. Liposuction is a good option for people who are already in good health; it should not be considered an alternative to healthy living and exercise.

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Latisse – Eyelash Growth, Coloration – OC

LatisseNot everyone is born with full, luscious eyelashes. However, with the help of Latisse, a prescription treatment, you can have the stunning eyelashes you’ve always hoped for. A topical treatment that is applied once daily, Latisse can promote the growth and coloration of your eyelashes.

Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. K, who can walk you through the benefits of Latisse. It is important that you follow the directions of application carefully, though, because it is possible to unintentionally color the eyelids. Over the course of a few months, you will notice, fuller, thicker, darker lashes. Discontinuing treatment or application will cause your lashes to return to their previous form.

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Ear Surgery – Incisions Indications – O.C.

Ear SurgeryThe ears are an important part of facial symmetry and your overall appearance. Overly large ears, protruding ears or deformities of the ear can significantly change your look. Especially in children, large, prominent ears can be a source of self-consciousness. Whatever the age or indication, there is likely an ear surgery technique that can help you.

Ear surgery techniques are tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient. For example, if there is trauma and reconstruction is needed, sutures may be the only technique. However, if there is resizing to be done with conditions like prominent ears or macrotia or microtia (large or small ears), incisions may be necessary in the cartilage. An evaluation with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. K will help you determine what is right for you.

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Breast Reduction – Liposuction, Lipectomy – O.C.

Breast ReductionWomen with excessively large breasts, a condition called macromastia or gigantomastia in the extreme case, may experience a variety of secondary health problems. Many women deal with back and neck pain, skin chaffing, severe sagging of the breast and even psychological depression. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that can reduce the size and weight of overly large breasts.

Breast reduction may involve incisions, liposuction or a combination of both. When only liposuction is involved, the procedure is called a lipectomy. A lipectomy is ideal for breast reduction when only a minor reduction in volume is needed. The procedure is also a good option if you are concerned about the scarring involved with surgery. Contact an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. K at his office in the O.C. if you would like to know more about which breast reduction procedures are available.

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Breast Reconstruction – TRAM Flap Reconstruction – OC

Breast ReconstructionThere are several kinds of operations that are available for breast reconstruction. Typically, there are procedures that involve implants, a transplant of your own tissue, or both. The ideal strategy will depend on your body type and the recommendations of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr.K.
One of the techniques of breast reconstruction that involve transplanting your own tissue is called a TRAM flap reconstruction. Reconstruction that involves your own tissue is called autologous breast reconstruction. With the TRAM flap procedure, skin, muscle and fat tissue is removed from between your belly button and chest. The removed tissue is then used to reconstruct the breast. Consequently, the removal of tissue from the stomach area results in a tummy tuck.

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Thigh Lift – Inner Incision, Spiral Incision – OC

Thigh LiftDieting, exercise and medically assisted weight loss result in many cases of extreme weight loss. With extreme weight loss, many people are left with sagging skin. The thigh lift, and by extension body lifts, is part of a set of cosmetic surgeries that enable patients to regain their proper body proportions. Procedures like a thigh lift remove and reshape the excess skin to properly fit the body.

When the body tissues change shape quickly, the skin’s natural elasticity sometimes fails to recover. Skin will sag differently for different people. For some, their concerns will be around the inner thigh area, which means a medial thigh lift is ideal for them. There are others who will be concerned about the sagging of their entire thigh area, meaning a spiral thigh lift may be right for you. Both are offered by the board-certified, experienced Dr. K, who can examine your body and make the appropriate recommendation.

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Mommy Makeover – Assisted Liposuction – OC

Mommy MakeoverThe mommy makeover is becoming increasingly popular around the OC and across the country. Every woman experiences pregnancy in her own way, and there are many women who desire to have their bodies return to its pre-pregnancy form. Sometimes, the extreme changes that occur during a pregnancy are difficult for a woman’s body to recover from.

Mommy makeovers are a combination of cosmetic surgeries that may include breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and liposuction. Liposuction is one of the popular options because it is an effective means of removing excess fat from areas that dieting and exercise cannot.

With liposuction and the other surgeries, there are a variety of options available for the technique that will be used. Liposuction can be performed with the assistance of ultrasound, water and suction. The best way to decide is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. K. Located conveniently to anyone in the OC, Dr. K can answer any questions you may have about a mommy makeover.

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Arm Lift – Post-Surgery Recovery Steps – OC

Arm LiftCommonly known as an arm lift, a brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that enhances or corrects drooping skin on the arm. There are many people whose skin, due to aging or extreme weight loss, droops under the arm in what is commonly referred to as a “bat wing.” An arm lift is an ideal surgical operation, but like all procedures that involve incisions, it has a recovery period.

After your surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kalantarian, or Dr. K for short, will provide you with specific instructions. You will likely have bandages or dressings around the operated area, and it will be important to protect that area from strain or trauma. Dr. K will also give you a time frame of when your dressings will be removed and when you can resume normal activity.

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