Orange County Otoplasty Specialist

There are many individuals that never give their ears a second thought in regards to their appearance.
earBecause ears are not central to the face, they are easily considered purely functional; however, for those whose ears are prominent or misshapen, they can be a source of unwanted attention and embarrassment, especially for children.

What is Otoplasty?

Dr. K Plastic Surgery performs Otoplasty, or Ear Reshaping procedures for Los Angeles and Orange County patients who may feel self-conscious about the shape and size of their ears. An Otoplasy procedure may be performed on children or adults to bring the ears closer to the head so that they are reduced in size and no longer stick out. This “ear pinning” is the most common type of ear surgery performed for patients who are often subject to unwanted attention and even embarrassment.

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Before & After OTOPLASTY

Ear surgery is a relatively simple, straightforward, and commonly-performed procedure. Dr. Kalantarian will recommend an approach to the surgery that is most appropriate for the patient. The procedure leaves minimal visible scarring and results in ears that are aesthetically pleasing by eliminating ears that look too large or protruding.

What is the recovery time after an Otoplasty procedure?

Following an Otoplasty (ear reshaping) surgery, patients will return home with a head dressing that Dr. Kalantarian may remove and replace with a lighter dressing for the next 3 days. Although swelling may last from one to two weeks, the results of the procedure are visible from the first day.

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