Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting

What is fat transfer?

Dr Kalantarian (OC DR K) can use fat to augment (enhance or enlarge) an area of body such as face, breast, and buttocks or any area that has deficiency of fat or volume as a unit or compared to the other side or adjacent region. In addition, there is recent supporting evidence that micro-fat (small particles of fat) transfer can improve quality of skin and may be able to treat some skin conditions.

Autologous fat or fat from the same person is the only option for fat transfer at this time.  Fat is taken out of a part of the body such as stomach (abdomen) and injected in the desired site. Donor site is the area that fat is taken from and recipient site is area the fat is injected. First fat must be harvested (using suction assisted liposuction or a 10 cc syringe with constant negative pressure suction) from a donor site (an area where there is excessive fatty deposit), it must be then processed and finally fat graft (good fat) will be transferred or injected to the recipient site (the area that requires augmentation). Dr Kalantarian (OC Dr K) uses advanced liposuction techniques and tools to sculpt the body and transfer the processed fat to the deficient area of the body to achieve enhancement, balance and harmony to the recipient site.

Who can benefit from fat transfer?

  • Fat transfer can help augment (enlarge or enhance) areas of your body that have lost volume or requires projection or better shape.
  • Fat transfer can help you rejuvenate you face by replacing volume loss
  • Fat transfer can help you with long lasting results compared to injectable materials.
  • Your own fat can be a better alternative to implants
  • Fat transfer can sculpt one area of your body by removing excess fat and restore or enhance another area of your body.
  • Fat grafting can also correct areas that are depressed or hollow, scars or deep wrinkles in the face.

Who are the best candidates?

  • Ideal candidate must be in good general health.
  • Smokers or persons with evidence of vascular disease will not have the same fat survival rates.
  • You need a consultation with Dr Kalantarian (OC DrK) to determine if  you are a good candidate.
  • Sculpting the body or frame around the buttocks is essential to achieve a more attractive buttocks. This sometimes requires removing of the excess skin in the abdominal and or waist region. A consultation is necessary to determine if you are a good candidate.

fat cheek region, periorbital or around the eyes, eyebrow area, forehead, temporal or above the sideburn, lips, in face, breast or Buttocks. Fat must be harvested form the same person (autologous fat).