Arm Lift – Post-Surgery Recovery Steps – OC

Arm LiftCommonly known as an arm lift, a brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that enhances or corrects drooping skin on the arm. There are many people whose skin, due to aging or extreme weight loss, droops under the arm in what is commonly referred to as a “bat wing.” An arm lift is an ideal surgical operation, but like all procedures that involve incisions, it has a recovery period.

After your surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kalantarian, or Dr. K for short, will provide you with specific instructions. You will likely have bandages or dressings around the operated area, and it will be important to protect that area from strain or trauma. Dr. K will also give you a time frame of when your dressings will be removed and when you can resume normal activity.

If you would like to know more about the details of an arm lift, please feel free to contact Dr. K at our office in the OC.


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