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Male Cosmetic Procedures

Throughout the years, men have turned to cosmetic surgery to look younger, feel better, and even help in their careers. Male patients account for an increasing percentage of cosmetic procedures performed which is why it is important to remember that male bodies, goals, and temperaments are special. At Cove Plastic Surgery, we understand that men need unique procedures for both their bodies and faces. Dr. K distinguishes distinctive needs before, during, and after surgery for patients living throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Male patients have a stronger desire to look vibrant, angular, and defined as opposed to refined and beautiful—typically results we see in female cosmetic surgery. There is a wide array of procedures we provide for men living throughout Los Angeles and Orange County to enhance their appearance and lifestyle.

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Some males are subjected to a condition referred to as Gynecomastia or–enlarged breasts due to weight gain, medication, or hormonal imbalance. A Male Breast Reduction treats Gynecomastia with the removal of excess skin and fat from the chest with the use of liposuction and other excision methods.


Rhinoplasty, or Nose Reshaping, tops the list of surgical cosmetic procedures among men with the removal of deviations at times caused by birth defect, injury, and breathing obstructions. Dr. K uses an individualized approach to Rhinoplasty as no two patients are alike, their Rhinoplasty procedure will require specific attention and techniques.


With a fast and demanding lifestyle, male cosmetic surgery patients have become increasingly concerned with their fitness. At times, diet and exercise is not enough to receive desired results but with Liposuction, areas of the body can be contoured and slimmed.

Face/Neck Lift and Rejuvenation

As men age, the effects of gravity, sun exposure, and the stresses of daily life can become visible in the face and neck. Deep creases can form between the nose and mouth and the jawline can develop jowls and folds around the neck. A Facelift performed in conjunction with a Neck Lift can set back the clock to improve the most visible signs of aging in men by removing excess fat, redraping the skin of the face and neck, and tightening underlying muscles.

Eyelid Rejuvenation and Surgery

With the aging process, wrinkles, bags, and sagging can be more apparent around the eyes. For men, the development of under eye bags or excess skin in the eyelids are common and can be treated with eyelid rejuvenation and surgery.


The ears may be a protruding feature and may often be the subject of ridicule or unwanted attention. With an Otoplasty (often referred to as Ear Pinning), the ear asymmetry can be corrected as ears are reshaped by bringing the ears closer to the head.

Tummy Tuck

A large abdominal area is often common among men and may be difficult to treat with diet and exercise alone. A Tummy Tuck procedure focuses on the removal of excess fat of the abdominal area with the help of liposuction and a muscle-tightening technique to strengthen weakened muscles beneath. Tummy Tuck procedures are lifestyle-enhancing procedures that have become increasingly popular among men, resulting in a contoured mid-section.


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