Reducing the average cost or price of cosmetic surgery procedures in Orange County has made plastic surgery an attainable goal for men and women across Southern California. Applying for financing is now easier than ever with the option to either apply online or by phone. Most people are able to find out how much they qualify for during their initial consultation by answering a few easy questions.

Options offered at our office: 

  1. Availability of Financing for Cosmetic Surgery. In the old days no financial company would loan money for surgery without collateral, especially if it was for cosmetic plastic surgery. Now, some of the major financial institutions are marketing primarily to the plastic surgery crowd. Realizing that people with a steady income can make payments for cosmetic surgery, just as if they were making it for a new car, more online financing companies are letting people finance their plastic surgery procedures. In fact, some loan companies are becoming even more creative. They are willing to give patients a cosmetic surgery home equity loan, with the payments added to patient’s monthly mortgage payment.
  2. Ease of Online Financing. Financing plastic surgery procedures is no longer cumbersome. People can either apply online or by phone. After answering few easy questions they get an answer within minutes. Most people are able to find out how much they qualify for during their consultation visit.
  3. Cost of Cosmetic Surgery/ Plastic Surgery Procedure Prices. Whether the relative cost of cosmetic surgery procedures has come down, or the price of most things has gone up, the prices of plastic surgery procedures is now within people’s spending budget. In fact, most people are now able to have a typical cosmetic surgery procedure for as little as $100-200 per month.
  4. Plastic Surgeons offer financing. While it used to be that one had to pay cash for plastic surgery, now plastic surgeons accept credit card payments, financing, or even offer cosmetic surgery savings plans.

Most people are able to find out how much they qualify for right away.If you plan to finance, you can follow the links below to apply before coming in for your initial consultation. We offer a convenient 6 month-no-interest plan, and longer 24 & 36 months extended payment plans with a reduced APR of about 14.9% until paid in full.


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