Multiple Advantages to Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift!

Brazilian Butt Lift has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedure. It is a great way to remove stubborn fat from one area and using it for additional curves elsewhere. There are a couple advantages to doing this procedure. For example, reducing fat and adding volume to your buttocks.

Dr. Kalantarian (Dr. K) plastic surgery in Orange County (OC Dr. K) performed Brazilian Butt Lift (Brazilian Butt Lift is simply transferring of fat (after proper preparation) from unwanted areas of the body to the buttocks area to achieve augmentation of the gluteal region) on 21-year-old woman who had stubborn fat on her lower abdomen and sides that she wanted to get rid of and transferred to her gluteal regions.  This procedure is done in two parts during the same operation. First, fat from upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back, and lower abdominal flanks was obtained and harvested. The fat must be processed and injected a specific way to minimize infection and maximize the amount of fat. Once the fat is processed, the fat is transferred to the gluteal region.

In Result, this 21-year-old woman’s buttocks is rounder and fuller. This procedure also gave her buttocks a lift appearance. Dr. Kalantarian (Dr. K) was able to create a smaller waist and a heart shaped appearance giving her an hourglass figure.

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