Brazilian butt lift Newport Beach

Newport Beach Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is simply transferring of fat (after proper preparation) from unwanted areas of the body to the buttocks area to achieve augmentation of the gluteal region. Many women are choosing the brazilian butt lift procedure to achieve a better looking buttocks while getting rid of the unwanted fat in their body simultaneously. The ideal candidate is someone who is in good medical health, has a flat buttocks with enough fat in other areas of the body. The brazilian butt lift has become very popular among our patient population (

Dr Kalantarian at Kalantarian Plastic Surgery has many years of experience in Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with happy and satisfied patients. The amount of fat that can be liposuctioned is limited to 5 liters to keep the procedure safe. In addition, the fat has to be processed in a specific way to maximize fat take and minimize risk of infection. The post-operative instructions are crucial to follow to minimize fat loss. Dr Kalantarian’s preferred method of buttocks augmentation is to inject the patient’s own fat into the gluteal region after liposuction of the areas with excess fat. When autologous fat is used for gluteal augmentation, it has a significantly lower chance of infection, capsular contraction, seroma, bleeding and reoperation rate when compared to gluteal implants. Furthermore, the patient obtains improvement of the areas of the body with excessive fat with brazilian butt lift procedure and the recovery is shorter when compared to buttocks implants

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Buttock augmentation Newport Beach, California

The procedure is done in two parts during the same operation under general anesthesia. First, fat is obtained from the donor sites (areas with excess fat). The common donor sites are abdomen, waist, back, inner, outer and posterior thighs. The fat must be harvested, processed and injected in a specific way to the minimize the rate of infection and maximize the amount of fat survival in the recipient site (gluteal region).

Prior to Brazilian buttock lift procedure the person needs to avoid any blood thining mediations (e.g. Aspirin or ibuprofen products, alcohol, herbal medications,etc) for at least 10 days and avoid smoking and caffeinated products for at least 2 weeks. After the surgery any thing that thins the blood should be avoided for 3 weeks. The patient must sleep on her stomach or her side (avoid direct pressure to the buttocks) for 2 weeks and may sit on a cushion (“Donut”) with the gluteal region suspended in air for another 6 weeks. Activity that increase the person’s blood pressure or heart rate needs to also be avoided for 3 weeks. A detail pre and post op instructions will be provided to the patient at the time of pre-operative visit when routine blood work will be done.

Newport Beach BBL
Newport Beach Buttock augmentation

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