Breast Augmentation Before and After

Dr. Kalantarian (Dr. K) Plastic Surgery in Orange County (O.C. Dr. K) performed a revision Breast surgery on a woman who had her previous breast augmentation done else where. The patient was unhappy about the appearance and distortion of her breasts (clearly noted). She had also developed capsular contraction (scar tissue formation around the breast implant that results in hardening and distortion of the shape of the breast. She underwent a removal and replacement of her breast implants by Dr Kalantarian (OC DrK). Dr Kalantarian (Dr K) also performed capsulectomy  (removal of the scar tissue around the breast implants) and creation of a new breast pocket as well as a crescent mastopexy (lift). Notice the breast does not appear bottomed out after surgery because an internal lift was performed with repositioning of the breast fold. The result of this revision breast augmentation surgery is a more pleasing looking breast that feels soft like a natural breast.

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