Breast Lift – Indications for Surgery – Fountain Valley

Breast LiftIf you are considering a breast lift, or mastopexy, it is likely that you are looking to renew or enhance the look of your breasts. In the world of cosmetic surgery, there are a lot options to achieve a young, fresher look, but it is important to know that a breast lift is right for you.

The first step is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Kalantarian Behrooz, who is qualified to give you a proper evaluation and listen to your concerns. With these in mind, you and the doctor will be able to successfully determine the right step forward.

Even before your consultation, there are some obvious signs that a breast lift may be right for you. If your breasts are characterized by excessive sagging, called breast ptosis, that results in a misalignment of the nipple-areolar complex (NAC), then breast lifts may be a great solution. Sagging is a result of the loss of the skin’s elasticity and the natural effects of gravity on the body. Pregnancy, large-cup size and genetics also play a part in the skin’s loss of elasticity.

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