Breast reconstruction Capistrano Beach

Capistrano Beach Breast reconstruction

Women directly relate breast size and shape with their feeling of sensuality, femininity, and confidence, however, for a breast cancer survivor who has undergone a mastectomy or other breast cancer treatment, breasts are more than just a symbol of femininity, they are a symbol of their struggle and survival. With a Breast Reconstruction Orange County and Los Angeles patients can restore lost breast volume that has been a result of breast cancer treatments.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

A breast reconstruction refers to a number of procedures that recreate and restore the breasts’ volume after treatment for breast cancer. There are many procedure options to be discussed including the use of your own tissue, or the implementation of breast implants for the restoration of lost breast volume. Dr. K Plastic Surgeon has extensive experience and training with breast reconstruction procedures and can discuss your options for the procedure and make a recommendation. The procedure you choose will be based on variables such as desires, health, body type, and lifestyle among other deciding factors.

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Reconstructive breast surgery Capistrano Beach, California

How is Breast Reconstruction Performed?

A mastectomy or radiation generally reduces the amount of tissue on the chest, making it impossible for the remaining tissue to cover and support a breast implant. Breast reconstruction requires either tissue expansion, or the transplantation of tissue from a helthy region of the patient’s body. The tissue is generally taken from either the abdomen or buttocks, and is called the flaptechnique. Tissue expansion is a more lengthy process than flap reconstruction, but it also has an easier recovery process. Generally, tissue expansion requres many doctor visits in a six month time span, during which time an internal valve is inserted in the chest tissue and then slowly expanded on each visit. Breast implants may also be used in addition to these techniques.

What Can I Expect During Recovery from Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction recovery is similar to breast augmentation recovery. The patient will wear a gauze lined bra to minimize swelling and absorb fluid drainage. Pain medication will be administered as needed. As with any surgery, it is necessary to protect the incision locations from strenuous activity, pressure, or abrasion during the healing period.

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