Facelift – Orange County Rhytidectomy Procedure

FaceliftAre you looking for a way to eliminate the sagging and drooping skin on your face? Sagging in the middle area of the face appears as deep lines around the nose and cheeks. Jowls occur when the cheeks droop and cause a break in the jawline. If these developments concern you, a facelift may be ideal.

The face lift may also be combined with other procedures like an eye or brow lift to create a more complete rejuvenation. Consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon like Dr. K , expert in Cosmetic and plastic surgery, to determine what procedures will help you achieve the best results. A face lift is offered in a variety of techniques. Incisions can be made just under the ears, up towards the hairline, or behind the ears to include a neck lift. Additional dermal injections or fat transfer may be used to create volume and fill wrinkles.

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