Labiaplasty San Clemente

San Clemente Labiaplasty

To understand labiaplasty, we need to learn about terminology and anatomy of the female genitalia. The female genitalia collectively is called vulva. Vulva is comprised of clitoris with clitoral hood, labia Majora (outer layers), labia Minora (inner layers) and vagina see fig below. In simple terms the labia is the folds of skin on the outer part of women’s genitalia.

Size, color, shape of labia differ between individuals and may change as a result of childbirth, aging and other events.

When to perform Labiaplasty:

Labiaplasty is performed to correct variety of different causes or conditions. In our practice, Labiaplasty is primarily done for aesthetic reasons or to create a more attractive outside covering of the vulva (female external genitalia). When size or redundancy of skin involving labia majora, minora and or clitoral hood are in excess and or unattractive then removing and reshaping of the labia major, minora and clitoral hood is  carried out to create a more pleasing looking outer vulva.

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Who is a good candidate?

Women seem to prefer a hairless and a  more youthful vulva, with minimal if any labial show beyond the labia majora. Labiaplasty is mainly a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure involving the labia. A woman who is unhappy about the appearance of her external genitalia may consider Labiaplasty (labia and or clitoral hood reduction). The goal of the procedure is to create a more pleasing labia without significant excess or hanging skin the labia or to reduce the clitoral hood volume. Reduction of the Labia Minor (inner layer) is the most common Labiaplasty performed.

Who are not candidates for labia reduction:

  • A woman with an active gynecological disease either infection or malignancy will not be able to have this procedure.
  • Active smokers must stop smoking permanently or temporarily before and after surgery to minimize wound healing complications.
  • Women with Dyspareunia  or painful sexual intercourse

What type of anesthesia is needed?                                         

The procedure can be done under general or local anesthesia depending on the patient’s and surgeon’s preference. General anesthesia will be used when this procedure is combined with other cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.

Labioplasty Post operative instructions

  • For the first 48 hours apply ice to the area every 30-60 minutes for 10 minutes.
  • May resume work after day 4 or 5.
  • Avoid excessive or fast past walking for 3 weeks.
  • Sex, cycling, horseback riding or any thing that put pressure on the labia should be avoided for 8 weeks after the surgery.
  • Estrace cream 3x per week.
Labiaplasty before and after
Labiaplasty before and after

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