Thigh Lift – Inner Incision, Spiral Incision – OC

Thigh LiftDieting, exercise and medically assisted weight loss result in many cases of extreme weight loss. With extreme weight loss, many people are left with sagging skin. The thigh lift, and by extension body lifts, is part of a set of cosmetic surgeries that enable patients to regain their proper body proportions. Procedures like a thigh lift remove and reshape the excess skin to properly fit the body.

When the body tissues change shape quickly, the skin’s natural elasticity sometimes fails to recover. Skin will sag differently for different people. For some, their concerns will be around the inner thigh area, which means a medial thigh lift is ideal for them. There are others who will be concerned about the sagging of their entire thigh area, meaning a spiral thigh lift may be right for you. Both are offered by the board-certified, experienced Dr. K, who can examine your body and make the appropriate recommendation.

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