“62% of Mothers Would Consider A Mommy Makeover”

A Mommy Makeover is to fix the physical effects of childbearing and to bring back and enhance the contour and appearance of a mother’s body. Pregnancy can take a toll on a mother’s body in areas such as the breasts and the abdominal regions. Woman gain an average of 25 to 40 pounds in pregnancy. The weight that is usually gained becomes excess skin or stubborn fat that can not be loss through exercise. Breasts, waistline, lower back, upper back, buttocks and thighs are the areas where stubborn fat and excess skin are stored.

The Mommy Makeover has become a highly requested procedure in plastic surgery. On USA Today states, “62% of mothers would consider a mommy makeover.” There are many unhappy mothers who wants to restore their body. The results of undergoing the Mommy Makeover are a tighter and flatter stomach, lifted breasts, and more contoured shape body.

If you are considering to do this procedure, you need to be 100% positive that you are done having children. Pregnancy after a Mommy Makeover can undo pretty much everything. If you are a mother and is suffering from physical effects from childbearing, call us today!  Dr. Kalantarian who is board certified with over 15 years of experience specializes in the Mommy Makeover.

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