Why Do Woman Get Botox?

Woman in their 20’s are getting BOTOX left and right. Why? Who wants to walk around with forehead lines and wrinkles on their face? No one! Botox is the best cosmetic treatment to look younger and to prevent aging.

Wrinkles can make woman look older than they really are and also gives woman a haggard appearance. BOTOX is a medicine that is injected into the muscles in areas such as forehead lines, crow’s feet line and frown lines which are between the eyebrows. The BOTOX will relax the facial muscles and in result, smooths the skin and eliminate wrinkles. There are so some benefits of doing this treatment. First benefit is raising the eyebrows! As woman get older, their eyebrows start to droop down. This is also called Brow Ptosis. Brow Ptosis can make one look tired or unhappy even though they are completely awake. With Botox, it will keep the brows aloft. Other benefits are, reduction of migraines, stop excessive sweating, and eye twitching.

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