Brazilian Butt Lift Results!

Dr. Kalantarian (Dr. K) Plastic Surgery in Orange County (OC Dr. K) performed Brazilian Butt Lift on a 32-year-old woman. This patient requested to undergo Liposuction (Lipo) of upper and lower back, abdomen regions, lower abdominal flanks (waistline), Sacral V, Extended tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)  and fat transfer to the gluteal regions. Her goal is to amp up the size of her backside to achieve fuller and rounder buttock. The excess fat was sucked out from her abdomen regions, upper and lower back, then the excess fat was processed and purified to be injected into the buttocks. This procedure was able to contour her body by eliminating the fat from her abdomen and resulting a smoother and tighter abdomen creating an hourglass figure. Dr. Kalantarian was able to add volume to her buttocks as she requested. She looks amazing after her recovery!

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