Fat Transfer to the Buttock vs Buttock Implants

What is the difference between butt implants and fat transfer to the butt and which one is better? Choosing butt implants through fat transfer could be a mistake, as there are better alternatives and a very low risks of complications.

Butt implants are similar to breast implants. It is round and smooth. Most butt implants are filled with solid silicone with a very durable barrier to resist rupturing and deflating from pressure. It is extremely important for butt implants to be durable due to the weight of a person every time they sit or lie down. The shape of the implants are usually round or oval to give the shape the same appearance of a round buttock.

What are the risks of getting butt implants? First, lets begin with the placement of the implants. The implants can be moved or be displaced. It also has a risk of producing capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is internal scar tissue that creates a tight capsule around the implants and will eventually harden and misshape the implants. Also, butt implants are not permanent. Patients will need a check up typically eight to twelve years after their initial procedure to see if they would need to undergo a butt implant replacement surgery.

Fat transfer to the buttocks is harvest fat from another area of the body. This procedure involves the patients own fat to enhance their buttocks.  Liposuction procedure will collect the fat from areas such as abdomen, thighs, back, and flanks (waistline). The fat particles are purified and injected to the muscle layers to enhance and add volume.

The results of fat transfer are more pleasing and superior compared to butt implants. The results look and feel natural. There are no risks of capsular contracture and being concerned of the implants being ruptured every time you sit or lie down. What is great about fat transfer is that it is not necessary for a future procedure. No one wants to go through the pain twice! And lastly, the harvest fat creates a better result.

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