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Breast Reduction is a Thing!

You would think every woman are wanting breasts and in fact woman are willing to pay for breasts so why is breast reduction a thing? Well, it’s not always fun having large breasts. It can be difficult to find a top that fits or even a bra. Exercising may not be pleasurable when being a top heavy woman especially while running. It could be painful. What is also painful is the back pain and neck pain caused by breasts. Because having such large breast, it can affect your posture by leaning forward often or because of the weight of the breasts, it can be a toll on the neck and back. Woman are also self conscious about their breast due to the unwanted attention.

So what does Breast Reduction involves?

A Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)  is removing breast skin and tissue to contour the breasts. This procedure is very similar to a breast lift except the amount of tissue being removed. The tissue is usually removed under the breasts and the incision will be around the areola going vertically down the middle of the breasts making an anchor shape incision. Depending on the patient’s condition will determine the type of technique being used.

Do you feel like your breasts are a distraction or in the way of certain activities? Is it difficult for you to find a bra or top that fits? If this sounds like you then you are the perfect candidate for a Reduction Mammoplasty. Stop being self conscious and call us today!

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Breast Reduction – Liposuction, Lipectomy – O.C.

Breast ReductionWomen with excessively large breasts, a condition called macromastia or gigantomastia in the extreme case, may experience a variety of secondary health problems. Many women deal with back and neck pain, skin chaffing, severe sagging of the breast and even psychological depression. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that can reduce the size and weight of overly large breasts.

Breast reduction may involve incisions, liposuction or a combination of both. When only liposuction is involved, the procedure is called a lipectomy. A lipectomy is ideal for breast reduction when only a minor reduction in volume is needed. The procedure is also a good option if you are concerned about the scarring involved with surgery. Contact an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. K at his office in the O.C. if you would like to know more about which breast reduction procedures are available.

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